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For Prospective Students

Thanks for your interest in our lab, and I apologize if you have not received my response to your query. If you would like to know our research interests, you can have a look at our web pages.

You can apply for the three graduate programs: Department of IME, Graduate School of AI, and Social Data Science program. If you are interested in the core of my research, you are encouraged to apply for the graduate program of the IME department. If you are particularly interested in social sciences, you can apply for the social data science program. I have no expertise in social science but might be a co-advisor for helping with data analysis.

I cannot guarantee anything about the admission. The number of available positions depends on various situations (funding, space, etc.), and graduate admissions are handled centrally by the department, not by individual professors.

Undergraduate internship positions are available only for Postechians. If you are a Postechian, feel free to stop by my office with or without an appointment.

Course Roadmap

If you would like to join us, it is recommended to take the following courses or equivalents.

  • IMEN272 Probability and Statistics for Engineers (or MATH230 Probability and Statistics)

  • IMEN242 Introduction to Experimental Design

  • IMEN261 Introduction to Operations Research (Operations Research I)

  • IMEN366 Probability Modeling & Analysis (Operations Research II)

  • IMEN281 Information System Technology

  • IMEN472 Statistical Data Mining

  • MATH203 Applied Linear Algebra

  • MATH311 Analysis Ⅰ

  • MATH312 Analysis Ⅱ

  • MATH333 Computational Statistics

  • MATH351 Introduction to Numerical Analysis

  • MATH431 Introduction to Probability Theory

  • MATH430 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics

  • CSED232 Object Oriented Programming

  • CSED233 Data Structure